My name is Denny MacMillan. I live in Lawrence Kansas. Music has been a major part in life for the joy it brings to others as well as myself. I offer private lessons on Pedal Steel, Guitar, Dobro & beginner Piano. I also repair and setup on stringed musical instruments.

I am currently retired. I been in Lawrence since 1967....(Summer of Love) I played the Lawrence area since than with groups such as Thump Theater, Arnie Johnson, Johnson Shockly, Billy Spears, GoldRush...and in the mid-90's I traveled with "Nashville Hopeful" Wade Richardson from Grain Valley. I played pedal steel for many Opre shows and Theater Performances.





Available Lessons:

Retired - Lifetime Musician - now taking students for private lessons on Piano, Dobro, Guitar (Electric or Acoustic), Banjo & Pedal Steel Guitar. Young or old, it's never to early or late. Play for family, pets or to make a few extra dollars.

I like to teach more along the lines of music theory.The process of learning "LICKS" as seen on "You Tube" is OK up to a point...but to learn the theory behind them will allow you to more quickly put your thoughts into your fingers and make them say what "you" are thinking. I'll teach you to use the scales in a way that's a little different, but will get you on the way to creating your own instrumentals, be they solos with a group, or as instrumentals for your performances. Have you ever taken a recorded guitar solo and slowed it down so as to be able to pick out each note, but some of the notes made no sense so you gave up figuring that the player had some kind of genius that makes it sound great........and fast......I'll teach you how and why they play that way.

For more information- call me: 785-766-1280



Yea...That's right!!!!




LAWRENCE, KS 7:00-9:00





Yea...That's right!!!!

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